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Developing Innovative Disability Inclusive Strategies


Catherine offers a variety of services to meet your needs - when and how works best for your organization.

Past Projects

Catherine has supported clients to achieve their goals through coaching, writing, training, and strategic advisory services.


With a particular expertise in philanthropy, Catherine has worked with diverse foundations, NGOs and UN agencies.


Catherine Hyde Townsend's headshot. She is smiling, wearing glasses and a teal shirt.

Catherine's work is grounded in an intersectional approach, understanding that disability inclusion is an integral part of human rights and social justice and cannot be successfully tackled without also addressing gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity and poverty amongst others. ​Catherine offers diverse services including:

  • Disability inclusion trainings

  • Strategic advice on how to advance disability inclusion in programming and operations

  • Resources and tools on disability, including onboarding, issue briefs etc

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