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After an initial consultation, Catherine customizes an approach to meet each client's needs and organizational culture whether that's advisory services, written materials or disability inclusive learning.

Strategic Advice

Having a trusted thought partner with the experience and expertise in disability inclusion can make all of the difference in how quickly and effectively you advance disability inclusion. Whether you're looking to implement comprehensive organizational changes or need ad hoc support from a field expert, Catherine has a wealth of experience and services to offer, including

  • Leadership coaching and serving as a trusted thought partner to executive and program leaders on issues such as organizational change, strategy development, and staff capacity and structuring;

  • Development of strategic plans to advance disability inclusion tailored to your organization's goals and capacity;

  • Support for operational changes that infuse disability inclusion across an organization, including events, facilities, communications, and human resources,;

  • Practical guidance towards a more inclusive grantmaking processes, including proposals, grants management and grantee communications;

  • Grantmaking advice on both strategy and individual grantmaking decisions; and

  • On-call advice for the development of job descriptions/searches, disability strategies, staff communications and more.

As a fluid and enthusiastic writer, Catherine translates complicated concepts into accessible resources, including:


Catherine offers learning opportunities that meet people where they are and that include disabled people in our workplaces, grantmaking or consumer-base:

  • Disability 101 training: In just 30 minutes or a more engaging 90 minute workshop, Catherine delivers a tailored training with compelling content customized to your goals and organizational culture.

  • On-boarding support: Use the processes you already have to integrates a disability lens into staff orientation.

  • To help staff of human rights or social justice organization understand the importance of disability, Catherine creates customized briefs about how disability relates to specific issues or geographic areas. 

  • Inclusion workshops: Catherine coordinates practical workshops to build staff's capacity to address disability inclusion.

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