Select Writing

On the Road to Justice A blog post updating the public on the Ford Foundation's disability inclusion journey (2020).


Centering Disability Justice A blog post for Philanthropy New York about the Ford Foundation's internal learning and transformation of its grantmaking practice to catalyze disability-inclusion in its funding and operations (2019).


Why so little funding for people with disabilities? Opinion article in Alliance Magazine, advocating for increased inclusion of people with disabilities in funding priorities (2014).

Collective Power of Inclusion - A blog post about women with disabilities at the Brazil AWID Global Forum who demonstrated their power and rightful place within the women’s rights movement (2017).

Why we need specific funding for women with disabilities – A blog post about the urgent need to include women with disabilities in women's rights funding (2017).

​​May 3: A Reflection on the Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities  a powerful, personal blog on unity within the disability rights movement (2016).​

A group of women with disabilities from the Lira District Disabled Women Association in Uganda along with Catherine and staff from the National Union of Women with Disabilities.

Select Speaking engagements

COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor Global Report, Virtual (October, 2020)

Disability Inclusion 101: Cultural Competence and Language. Southern California Grantmakers' Putting the "D" in Diversity convening (Los Angeles, 2019)


Plenary address at the Ford Foundation's Disability and Philanthropy: Funding for Inclusion: From the Inside-out: Embodying Disability-Inclusion Values (New York, 2018)


Panelist on Intersectionality. Ford Foundation’s Global staff meeting (New York , 2016)


​Moderated and planned session on women with disabilities at the Reproductive Funders Network conference (Washington, DC (May 2015).

Speaker at the Latin American Conference on Advancement of the UN CRPD through the 2030 Agenda discussing the role of donors in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals and needed changes in donor practice and funding priorities (Brazil, 2015).

View video here of Catherine speaking (:25)

Catherine speaking at the 10th anniversary celebration of the Disability Rights Fund.